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Please help need credit experts advice divemedic or others

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Hello everyone once again thanks for all your great comments on this forum.

My question is this my wife had been evicted from her former apartment before eviction she payed the place in full.

About 8 mos. later she started receiving letters from a CA demanding payment then she received another letter for another payment double the first payment. My wife was furious later she received a letter from the CA saying she was paid in full and any bad entries would be removed from her credit report.

Well, this never happened and the two entries are still on her report she spoke with the CA and they gave her the runaround also, she spoke with the OC and they had terrible records obviously and also, gave her the runaround.

Now my wife has two terrible entries amounting to almost 4 thousand what should we do we have letter saying she was paid in full as well as records of payment. How should we go about this she already spoke with the CA so is a DV out of the question also the credit bureaus have verified the debts which is also false. We have no records of these crazy amounts of money from the OC or CA. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Dispute it with the credit bureaus and include a copy of the letter from the CA stating the account was paid before they got it.

If it comes back from the CRAs as verified, sue the furnishers in the Circuit Courts requesting an order of restraint as well as monetary damages. You can't sue in small claims if you want the court to order the CRAs/furnishers to fix what they are reporting...Circuit Court and up is required for that.

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