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I wanted to fill in the blanks that were left in my previous posts regarding verizon wireless. So far this is only affecting my experian credit bureau but I suspect it will affect the others as well.

On June 3, 2005 (VW) is claiming to have charged off my account. This account was paid in full on June 6, 2005. On July 6, 2005 Verizon reported this account as a paid charge off to experian. As I stated earlier this account has only been reported to experian. This account was an account that I opened in 5/98 as a personal account, but transferred it to a business account in 1999. The statement came in the business name with my name underneath.


ABC consulting

Joe Smith

Company adress

Company phone number

I disputed this account on July 6, 2005 as not mine. Experian sent me an email on Saturday July 9, 2005 that verizon had confirmed it was my account. This is how the CRA is now reporting.

Date opened 6/1999 - (Incorrect account was opened 5/98)

Reported since 7/05

Date of Status 7/05

Last Reported 7/05

Account History Charge off as of July 2005

Status: Paid, closed/account charged off $1,290 written off.

I have proof the account was paid in full on June 6, 2005 but verizon claims to have charged off account on June 3, 2005. Does anyone see any possible violations here.

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