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Credit Report infos. PLZ. ;)


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I have a few questions about my credit report. I'm all mixed up.

Here are the only two items that are in my credit report, as they appear on my credit report:

Account #: ***********2851

Condition: [Derogatory]

Balance: $1870

Type: Revolving account

Pay status: Bad debt/collection/skip

Payment: $93 Monthly (due every month)

Opened: 06/1999

Reported: 06/17/2005

Responsibility: Individual account



Now here are the questions:

1.Am I right to guess that this derogatory account should be deleted soon? (opened in 1999) ??

2. How come the judgement says that? I owened money to the IRS (equivalent here in canada), went to court, lost, didn't pay, and they took the money from my pay, and is now all paid in full, has been for the past year.

3. My score with transunion is 432. And these were the only things showing up in my credit. When the derogatory account gets deleted, will my credit get better?

4. There are inquieries that show up in my credit report that were made back in 1997. I think that shouldn't be in my credit report anymore. If they don't show up, will that also help improving the score?

5. My girlfriend has a visa and a mastercard. She'll ask for additional cards on my name. Is that also going to up my credit scores?

And finaly, with that derogatory deleted, and the two credit cards, how much should I hope for?

I've never borrowed/ owened money to anybody other then that derogatory...

Any figures would be appreciated. Any help/solutions/ideas also.

ps1: sorry for the long post

ps2: I've already contested the derogatory one as "not mine", was it a bad idea? (and I'm in Canada, but everything credit-related I find it to be very close as in the US, if not the same).

please anybody who can comment, please do so.


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