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Is there anyway to beat Capital One. Has anyone ?


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Today was the day that EX. had to verify my Crap one account and of course they updated it to show July 2005. This account is killing my EX. CR and I see no way of getting it off my EX CR. This account was opened in 1995 thats right 10 yrs ago but I signed a letter from Crap one to reopen the account in 2000. I have never made a payment since 2000 and it shows the last date of activity as 8/2000. Crap One has never sent this to a CA either. What can I do ? I hear Crap One are just a..H...s and will never delete. I hear that they will not even work out a plan for you to pay the debt off taking off a percentage and then removing the TL. I just don't know what my options are with them..Can someone look at this and tell me what the DOLA is ? I assume its 8/2000 and not 5/2000. I am just willing to wait until that day comes and have it fall off when the SOL runs out. In TX its suppose to be 5 yrs but then I hear its 7 years.. I'm not real sure on that law but I'm learning. I hope someone can give me some direction with these scoundrels :x Thanks for any help:



Closed/Account charged off. $1,607 written off. $2,287 past due as of Jul 2005.

Date Opened: 08/2000

Type: Revolving

Credit Limit: NA

Date of Status: 07/2005

Terms: NA

High Balance: $1,607

Reported Since: 05/2000

Monthly Payment: $0

Recent Balance: $2,287

Last Reported Date: 07/2005

Responsibility: Individual

Recent Payment: $0

Creditor's Statement:

Account closed at credit grantor's request.

Account History:

Charge Off as of Jul 2005, Apr 2001

150 days as of Mar 2001

120 days as of Feb 2001

90 days as of Jan 2001

60 days as of Dec 2000

30 days as of Nov 2000

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I don't know if I beat them and my situation is a bit different than yours. I fell behind with Cap 1 about 3 years ago and they demanded I pay the balance in full. I called and tried to negotiate..no luck. I had some accounts on a debt management service I picked up after I purchased my home since I was getting no where with them directly I put the account on the service...immediately I got a letter from Cap 1 stating that if I kept up on my repayment plan and got my account current they would reage my account. Six months into the deal they sent me a letter rewarding me with a $110 credit. I only recently started trying to fix my reports and they had done nothing with this account so I disputed and to my surprise all bad information was deleted on my second request...From what I have heard about Cap 1 this sounds like I just got some dumb luck, so don't give up...

I would say in your favor someone screwed up and they did not turn you over to a CA..As for SOL check your state they may have no legal right to collect anymore but they can report for 7 years...Make sure to keep your proof on hand just in case they attempt to re-age..DOL should be the last date they recieved payment from you not when you signed any agreements so if you can prove that great...personally I would just keep disputing the account every couple of months...don't do it every month or the CRA will view it as frivolous..you can try looking for violations and disputing based on that...ie DOL was not 2000 was 1998 you could also try asking for MOV because they don't do much to investigate.

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