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Apartments are now turning down for MEDICAL collections

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I'm looking to get a new law drafted in my state about this. I got turned down by an apartment complex because I have medical collections. (Thanks to this popular new data service for landlords, SafeRent.com, who checks your credit and "recommends" that they rent to you or not).

Never, in ALL of my past life, have apartments cared a whit about if I have medical collections! They know I'm on a fixed income, with Medicare only. I don't know any one on Medicare who can afford their co-payments, not to mention prescriptions.

Does anyone have any advice on who to approach to draft a law that prohibits large rental companies for denying on the basis of a person's unpaid medical bills? Last I saw, assemblypersons usually draft state laws, and you need to find someone who is sympathetic. I've written to two national housing advocacy orgs, but no one wants to help me fight for justice.

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