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Attempting to remove my chapter 7 banktruptcy


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Hi Everyone,

Pretty new here. I have sent out some disputes to the CRA's actually just disputed my personal info first. TU and Equfax took care of my old addresses right away. Still waiting on Experian so they have not gotten round 2 of disputes yet but Equifax and TU did and they deleted one of the 2 things I disputed.

I just sent out round 3 of disputes to Equifax and TU yesterday. After they get back I want to dispute my BK 7 which was discharged in October of 2004.

From what I understand the CRA's never ever get furnished the information from the court house themselves but rather they get it from Lexis Nexis most likely.

Im planning on just sending in a general letter as not mine for the BK 7 and Im sure it will most likely be verified by the CRA's through Lexis and not through the courts as they are required to do.

So my question is this. Should I send my letter to the court house first asking them how they provide information to the CRA's for reporting purposes and send that letter to the CRA's kind of like (I know the Court didnt furnish this info so please provide me how you are reporting something that isnt mine when you didnt get this from the court). Kind of like a dispute and a PR at the same time or should I just wait until I get the disputes back and then furnish them with a letter from the court saying they never provide the CRA's with information.

Thanks in advance

And currently, these are how the 3 reports are reporting my BK 7


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


Court: Federal District

Status: Discharged

Closing Date: 10/22/2004

Liabilty: $0

Date Filed: 07/23/04

Assets: $0.00


Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Discharged

Date Filed: 07/23/2004




Date Filed: 07/23/2004


Court Name: Blank

Court Address: 15 North 7th Street

3rd Floor

Camden, NJ 08102

Liabilities: $0

Individual/Joint: Joint

Individual/Business: Individual

Bakruptcy Disposition Date: 10/22/2004

Asset Amount: $0

Exempt Amount: $0

Thanks in advance for all of your advice and responses

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So my question is this. Should I send my letter to the court house first asking them how they provide information to the CRA's

The courts themselves provide NO information to the CRA's. The CRA's pay services that do one thing - troll court records and send that information to the CRA's.

With a discharge so fresh, I seriously doubt you'll get a BK off this soon.

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No, its not a violation, the courts do NOT provide information directly to the bureaus. Bankrutpcies are public record, the CRA's could just as easily look your case up on PACER themselves, but instead they pay companies that do little else than provide them with public records info. ANYONE can look up a PUBLIC record, but they get information on private creditor info.

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Not worth it and could be a dangerous gamble. What those companies do is flood the CRA's with disputes, some people have had their GOOD history deleted !! There is absolutely no need to PAY some scam company to do this for you. Getting a bankruptcy off, which is a PUBLIC RECORD for 20 years, is NOT simple, no matter who tries it.

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