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hard inquiry vs. soft inquiry from CA?


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Okay, I found conflicting information and am coming here to get it cleared up.

A collection agency did a "hard" inquiry on my credit report. Yes, it's Sherman. :roll:

The inquiry looks to have been done before I got any collection letters. The inquiry date predates the date on the first letter.

I have heard that as long as there is permissible purpose someone can look at your CR and they can make it a "hard" or "soft" inquiry, whatever they want.

Then I read that a collection agency can't do a hard inquiry because they aren't granting you credit or insurance?

So - is it true that a CA can't do a hard inquiry on your credit report? What is the best way to dispute inquiries with Experian? They don't have a place to dispute inquiries when you view the report online.



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Great! So I have Experian on that one. Experian is listing the Sherman inquiry as a hard pull, but they have no online dispute process for that. It looks as though I'll need to dispute the inquiry with Experian through the mail.

Thanks!! :D

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