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Thanks to any and all who are reading this for taking the time to help a fellow member and newbie.

Current Scores:

XPN - 590

EFX - 565

EFX - 681

TU - 608

- I have 2 scores for EFX. Seems the higher score has less accounts.

Adverse Credit:

Mortgage Lates

(1 Mortage Account) 4x30 - I have fought without success to have them removed. I pay mortgage on last day of month. Mortgage company post the payment 3-4 days later. Mortgage company says post date is reason. I disagree since post date can be whenever they want.


Utility Company

$1200 -

Charge Off:

American Express

Date Opened - 1/94

Date of Last Report - 9/03

Account legally paid in full for less than full balance

Can I do anything with a charge-off to increase my credit score?

What can I do to force mortgage company to remove lates?

What is going on with the 2 Equifax scores? What can I do?

Many Thanks!

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1. Who is your mortgage with and who did you speak to? I'll try to help you if you can provide this info.

2. On the Amex card, is 9-2003 the last time you made a payment on the account? What is showing on your cr's, Amex AND a CA...or just one of them? If there is a CA, who is it?

3. I am not sure if you are saying you have a split EQ file or you are getting scores from 2 sources. Where are you getting the 2 scores from?


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I'm having a similar problem. It is my understanding that the mortgage company is required to post the payment on the day they actually receive it. The exact law is slipping my mind at the moment, but I did post it in the forums here about a month ago.

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I think it is the fair billing act or electronic funds transfer act, something along those lines that state once a bill is recieved, it should be posted. You can't have a late because they got the check on Friday, but didn't deposit the check until Monday. I know Fairbanks got in a bunch of trouble for this.

Is this a subprime lender by chance?

I'd get it in writing that they recieved your check on day x and on day x+ 5 they deposited it, and that is the reason why you were assessed a late fee or record a phone call of them saying this. Then I'd forward a copy over to HUD and the FTC, and look to sue under your state's consumer protection act.

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Looks like you have a split file with EXF. Takes some work, but you can manage to get those combined and corrected into one file.

The mortgage lates and utility collection are killers, especailly if you need to refinance. Lending is very score-driven, but that doesn't mean that lenders don't ever look at the details. Any thing that indicates that you haven't paid housing or utility expenses is enough to get you denied even if your scores are high enough. Reason is that most people will let a CC go late, or have unpaid medical bills but they pay their housing and utility costs.

Work towards a PFD on the utility collection. You posted that you pay on the last day of the month. When is your payment due? If you are paying your mortgage on time, then 3-4 days posting time shouldn't make a difference or incur late charges (which can be assessed for as little as 5 days late but usually kick in after 15 days). If your mortgage company sees a pattern of habitually late payments (but not necessarily past due), they are a lot less likely to help you out with GW adjustments.

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