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Results of your investigation...... R They Serious?


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CSC Credit Services:

>>> We have reviewed the identification information. The results are: The Midland credit management acct/********** is not reporting on the CSC credit file.

What does that mean? If they arent reporting why is their tradeline still on my updated report?

I am so tired of midland. :evil:

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So, assuming your CR postdates their letter and you got the report directly from CSC (not one of thos 3-in-1 things), then send CSC a letter (CMRRR) with a copy of the report with the TL highlighted and a copy of their letter and say...fix it or I'll see you in court, and now that you know it is incorrect, if it ever appears again, I'll see you in court...

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yes its directly from csc. just pulled it 7/13/05 and midland is still on there... this time it says "reinvestigation in process....

but the letter i recieved was on 6/22/05 saying midland is not currently reporting on the csc credit file.

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where can i find that letter? or should i use this one:

CSC Credit Services

PO Box 619044

Dallas, TX 75261-9044

Date: 07/18/2005

Cc: Federal Trade Commission

Credit File #********

To whom it may concern:

I recently pulled my report and your agency is still reporting erroneous inaccurate information. I have enclosed my credit report from June 22, 2005 and it clearly states that:

“The midland credit management acct/******** is not currently reporting on the CSC credit file.”

My recent credit report dated July 13, 2005 is still reporting Midland. I have been going back and forth with you and midland about the validity of this reporting. This is a direct violation of the FCRA 611(5)(a). TransUnion and Experian all have complied and removed this inaccurate tradeline. The above statement alone proves the inaccuracy of the reporting. Not only is the account erroneous, Midland is continuing to report as a “Factoring Company”. I have never signed a contract with Midland so how can they report this as monthly term? Account type- Open, Terms- Monthly, and reporting status of O-9. Remove this inaccurate trade line upon receipt of this letter. I am sending this certified mail to assure proper delivery.

Thanking you in advance for you expedited cooperation,

mr. credit

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