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credit cards...from your experience


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I'm not so sure they're score driven. And it all depends on the creditor you are applying to. With a recent BK7, my scores were in the toilet. BP denied me for a gas card, and I was denied a secured loan at my bank (of 5 years, no less). But in the same month of these denials, I received a platinum Providian card, and I recently received a Patelco 1% rebate card with an 11% rate. My point is, I am finding that I can't get credit to buy a stick of gum with some creditors, but others will roll out the red carpet. So IMO, they go beneath the score and check for derogatory info.

For decent rates, join all of the credit unions you can. They are the best. Low or no fees and decent cards. If you have no credit, then get a secured card and move up to unsecured after 6 months.

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