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What next??? Litigation maybe?

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Been a lurker of this board for a while and just thought I would run this accross everyone.

o.k. here's the story CRA reporting Judgement. Disputed Judgement a few months back. Came back verified. Called courthouse they have no identifying information. Got the name of the clerk. Sent info back to CRA.

came back verified again.

Sent cra procedure request. got form letter back. sent a detailed request again. Another form letter response. Disputed Judgement again came back previously verified.

Now What? Is it time to draft the complaint or should I try to contact one of the execs to try to resolve without litigation.

BTW, We're talkin' EXp

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If I were you, I would try to get a letter from the clerk at the courthouse saying that they don't verify with the cra's. See if the person that you spoke with will put it in writing for you on letterhead. That will help your papertrail. Then file your claim.

Good luck!



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