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What does "not on record" mean on my CR?

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Account name: Not on record

Account Type Open Account

Credit Limit (High Credit) $407

Minimum Monthly Payment (Terms) $0

Date Opened: Not on Record

Date of Last Activity September, 2001

Description: Medical

Collection account

This "not on record" is on about 3 items on my report. Maybe I can dispute that they are not mine?

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I am new to the board, but learning fast. I have found that "not on record" means that the OC probably archived the records, the credit bureaus no longer have accurate information and probably no way to prove "verfiy" it is yours.

If they cannot even ID the account type of status, how can they possible verify it? Do they even show an account #?

Dispute it as either not yours or incomplete.

"Please delete the listing of this unknown account shown as NOT ON RECORD"

I do not believe the acccount is mine.

Account name is false, incomplete and missleading

Account status if false.

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Continue to DV the CA. Not on record means they are not "complete and accurate"

I have read your posts and you always have excellent advice. Being the novice I am, By Dv'ing the CA, true they are likely not able verfiy the debt, but Dv's, in my experience, are painfully slow and many times do not produce the necessary documents or lack of proof there of, as it may be, to help provide evidence to get this incomplete and inaccurate listing off your report. Save, it may be great evidence to save for an ITS or actual court, but not everyone can or wants to go to court all the time.

Can you share some your expert thoughts and profound wisdom on this subject for both us newbies to learn?

Should you dispute with CRA first, then procede to DV if they do not remove, for example?

How would you write the letter(s)?

Cheers and thanks! :D

Ps. Is there anywhere on the board that has a library of example letters to use for the various situations?

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I just got my complete Equifax report in the mail yesterday and.........

EVERYTHING THAT I DISPUTED WAS DELETED!!! Now, there is only 1 T/L!! Maybe it was because of the "not on record" thing!!

Just one thing I don't understand! I had 2 public records that are not on the file now.....one was paid off but still should have stayed on the report--I guess I shouldn't be complainig about it!!


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Darkcloud- What I did was to follow the plan:


You need to keep in mind that while you hope for deletions, they do not always happen. All to frequently, businesses ignore consumers and their rights. In those cases, the only remedy is the court system. Everything we do in the process of credit repair needs to be done with this in mind.

Good credit is our goal. The easiest way to achieve this is through deletion of negatives. Sometimes the only way is a suit. The DV process is slow, but unfortunately it is the sometimes the only way to fix things.

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If all three of those are Medicals, then it actually is being reported correctly. It's not an ommission but a required supression under FACTA. After Dec 1, 2004 the CRAs are not allowed to show the names of hospitals or other medical care providers on credit reports. This is supposedly to keep your medical history more confidential...because most provider names are descriptive enough to give a reader an idea of what kind of treatment they have gotten (e.g. Rush-Copley Hemotology Treatment Center would tell the reader you were treated for a blood disorder).

Oh, and in case ya didn't know. Collection Agencies that are going after medical bills MUST report themselves as a "medical information furnisher" to the CRAs.

"623a(9) DUTY TO PROVIDE NOTICE OF STATUS AS MEDICAL INFORMATION FURNISHER -- A person whose primary business is providing medical services, products, or devices, or the person's agent or assignee, who furnishes information to a consumer reporting agency on a consumer shall be considered a medical information furnisher for the purposes of this title and shall notfiy the agency of such status."

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I actually have "not on record" in my TU CR. It's not medical. It's only on date paid off and date closed. A couple of them were paid off and some were not. They are all collections though.

Dispute withthe CRAs as "obsolete." Since the DoLA and date paid off are "not on record" it would essentially stay on your report forever with no date to start the 7 year reporting run with. Tell the CRAs that if they can't show when the date of running starts they have to remove it.

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