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reageing question


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got a question just compairing old reports with new one's and just seen a big difference on a dell account that I got in march and one now

March reads

Date Opened-11/2001

date of last activity-03/2003

date of last payment- 08/2003

Date 1st major del. rptd-11/2003

Date closed- nothing there

current status-- charged off

Current Report after settled with collection agency

Date Opened-11/2001

Date of last activity-11/2003

date of last payment-03/2005

Date 1st major del. rptd---nothing there

date closed-04/2005

current status-- charged off

wouldn't this be reaging would the date closed 04/2005 make fico think it's alot newer than it really is. I need some addresses of some CEO's at Dell they are about to get an ITS letter with copys of tradeline to back it up.

Also How do I dispute this I really would like it for leverage to have this line removed from my credit reports. this one is Equifax but the exact same thing on Experian

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