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Americredit....In violation?


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I was wondering if anyone could look at this tl and explain to me how the charge off amount is $13,941 but the balance I owe is showing $6,995,

also it says I have a past due of $230...

i don't understand is this reported right?

Account Type Installment

Credit Limit

(High Credit)

Original Amount $14,700

Charge Off Amount $13,941

Minimum Monthly Payment (Terms)

60 Months

Date Opened October, 2001

Date of Status November, 2002

Last Payment Date November, 2002

Loan Type Auto Loan


Description Account in dispute

Last Report on July, 2005

Balance Current status Past Due Amount

$6,955 Unpaid balance reported as a loss by credit grantor


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Looks like you had an auto loan. $13k was C/O. They sold the vehicle at auction and the $6955 is the difference between your contracted debt and the $ they received. This is called the deficiency balance.

It is notated as "in dispute", investigate using this option in your dispute letters. Methuss just posted something about this days ago.

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Nope. $13k is what was C/O, the remaining balance is $6955. That is correct reporting. I don't know where the thread is, but I believe you can search Methuss' name and look for recent posts (this week and last). He posted a definitive statement about dispute notations. It's worth bookmarking.

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