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Orchard Bank Secured

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Hi all, looking to get an Orchard Bank secured card, but I'm very nervous about it, mostly due to my history. I only have one CC which was charged off for $1777, sold to "presidio" and "pvn/c" (same company...seems to be a debt collector, but not sure - working on removing them if I can - they are reporting as revolving, charged off 120+days late, etc.) , and two collections accounts reported on my report, as well as 2 renters/apt related inquiries. Working on the CA's Haven't checked my scores, except for TU FAKO of 547. Plan to get at least one of them this week via myfico.com

Does anyone have any idea what score is needed for the secured card? Anyone know what CRA they use in FLA? And whether or not they approve with a chargeoff and such a lack of history as myself? I'm way too scared to try for the unsecured card...

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