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Heya folks!

OK... Long story- but I'll try to make it short. I had paid extra on a car note and received an e-bill stating I was in the clear until May. Come May- the day after my payment is due, I call to make a payment and am told that I'm a month behind. I pay the overdue balance immediately- along with the May payment. I told the guy that I had originally been told I was in the clear until May- which of course I have no proof of since I didn't save the e-bill... xshotx ... but it's the honest to God truth!

Naturally they reported it on our credit report- as is their right. Has anyone ever had any sucess in getting a single 30 days late notation removed with a goodwill letter? (I need it removed to qualify earlier for a low income mortgage... which is another long story...) It was technically a clerical error on their part which caused the overdue balance... which I paid as soon as I found out about it.

Any suggestions on wording?

Also- I seem to remember a website that had a way to contact higher ups in companies through the web or email... something like infoplanet or global something. XhelpX

Sorry so vague!

Any help is appreciated!


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