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o.k so it has been almost a month and I got 1 thing deleted and all the rest varified. Now I need your help. If the OC and CA did not validate with me how then can the CRA say they have validated. I sent off validations a week before I sent off disputes. So, how is it that the CRA's got validations before I did. Now if I remember correctly my next step is to write a letter to the CRA's asking them how did they Validate the Disputes, correct me if I am wrong. Also does anyone have the link to the sample letter I can send out to the CRA's about how they went about validating. I know I saw it some where on the site. Thanks for everything, I really love this site!!!!!!!! :twothumbsup::twothumbsup::twothumbsup::twothumbsup::twothumbsup:

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