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How to approach CA.


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New item showing on my CR.

Original amount of 885

Recent Balance of 285

Recent Payment of 0

Type Installment

The OC is Mediacom.

I sent a DV to the CA and of course they sent me a bill..:(

so the question(s) are..

How did the balance get to 285 from 885 without any payment history?

CRA came back as verified and I am not sure I owe this.

If the smoke clears and I do owe this.

Who do I approach to pay this off?

Mediacom is not listed on my CR

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Well the CA sent me a bill on the first DV.

I sent them another DV letter on 8/5.

I did talk to the OC and they are willing to accept payment from me.

CA is the only party reporting to the CRA. Do I continue to lean on the CA for a delete?

Would the next step be to sue in small claims?

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How nice of them to be willing to accept a payment on an account that you don't even remember having! If only all creditors and collection agencies were this consumer friendly.

If you already sent them a DV and they didn't send you the proper paperwork back, dispute with CRAs again and send an ITS if it is not immediately removed from your credit report. And don't ever send them a penny!

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I received a "canned" letter from CA today (letter dated 8/05 and postmark 8/9.

This letter is in response to my second DV. This time they did indicate who the OC is and told me to send payment to the OC.

Bla bla bal sorry consumer payup and we will change the status of our report to the CRA.

The responce to the first DV letter wanted me to send the monies to them.

Well the account was/has paid in full already.

I am sending out a nice nasty letter tomorrow demanding they delete the tradeline in ten days. Enclosed will be a civil small claims notice all prepped ready for filing.

I am asking for 2k for Violation to the FDCPA.

Hoping they understand I am willing to settle with a smile..And/or smile with money in my pocket.

Wish me luck.

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