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New collection account just appeared


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I get an alert from Equifax that there is credit activity on my file. So I go look and (YEAH) a new collection account has appeared from Risk Management Alternative from ATT. So I called ATT and of course they have no knowledge of me ever even having a phone or that I have ever been a customer. I called RMA and they say I owe money on behalf of ATT.

I am in the process of writing a dispute letter asking for itemized account, their license to do business in my state, etc...

Can I ask for documentation that they have tried to send me mail or let me know if a debt was out there. I don't even remember having ATT (I don't think I did) but I would have certainly paid the bill. Isn't there a requirement saying they have to contact you giving you a time limit saying you must pay or we will report you to a credit bureau. Something before they just go ahead and list it on your credit report.

Please help and let me know.


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No, they can report information at any time. I think they may be required to dun you afterwards or send you your 5 day notice.

This is too easy, though.

1-2 punch them.

Get it in writing from ATT that you owe them nothing.

Get it in writing from RMA that they are collecting for ATT.

Sue them for false/misleading representation, misrepresenting the amount of a debt, reporting inaccurate info etc...

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