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Paid Auto Loan Off...and still showing balance.

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Here's the story...I bought a car from a low grade dealership that qualified me when they saw my 1000.00 down payment for in-house financing, interest rate was high but I had a car. I had the car for 2 1/2 years and paid on time, everytime. I noticed that they did NOT report any payments to any of the three CRA's. I called them on it and they reported to TU...PROBLEM is they reported that its was a "OTHER" account type with the total loan balance (8000.00) and balance owed (3900.00)...and that all. They also gave me some crap about, "We are a small dealership so we can't report the CRA's"....WHAT?? Is that legal?

I sold the car two months ago and paid off in full and they still have not reported that the loan has been satisified. I think that a letter to the dealership would be helpful...anyone has one I can use? What other steps should I take to get them to report correctly??

HELP ME..someone!! Thanks in advance.

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