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New guy - Old question

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Hi all,

I've done a search, but maybe I am missing it somewhere, so that is why I'm asking here.

I've noticed a lot of different variations of my current and former addresses. Will the Big 3 remove these addresses if I dispute them? Also, is it affecting my credit by having all these different addresses on there?


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Just as a general rule, you want all the info on your credit reports to be as accurate as possible. Its one of those pay me now, pay me later things...sooner or later the incorrect date will bite you.

Will having multiple variations of the your addresses affect your score? Probably not by themselves, but since each variation is linked to a different TL (somebody reported it), you do need to track down where it came from.

I'd suggest you send a dispute to each CRA stating which addresses are correct and which are not. Will they fix it? Maybe. You may have to follow up with a "method of verification" (MOV) letter to get them to tell you who is reporting the incorrect data...

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