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What Crap! Are they supposed to be doing me a favor?


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I was so excited to get my first success with this a validation when I got the letter I noticed balance $0.00. How exciting! I had disputed this account only $13.00 - (thanks codename_fortyseven).

Right after my dispute I got a bill in the mail from them and sent a validation letter. I noticed that my 13dollars was interest so I asked how they calculated it.

Anyway, the letter today said my balance is 0, they sent a form letter where they checked the line other and wrote in

"interest has been written off to a -0- balance

Credit report has been updated to pain in full on 2/22/00."

That took my joy away, that means it is still on my credit report. :evil:

It also means that it must not have been verified or verified correctly by EX. :twisted:

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Send a letter back...

Thank you for the documentation proving I owed <OC> $0. Since I never owed any money, you never had any purpose to attempt collections from me or report negatively to the credit bureaus.

I expect the offending tradelines be deleted from my credit report within 15 days. Updating to paid in full is unacceptable. Any collection account on my report negatively affects my credit and lowers my chances to obtain credit. Failure to delete all tradelines will result in my initiating a lawsuit against your company for FCRA and FDCPA violations as well as any financial damages your company has caused me by your willfully inaccurate reporting to the credit bureaus.

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