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I have a citicard debt that is sold to Great Seneca Financial Corp., which is representated by a law firm in Maryland (Wolpoff & Abramson) and another law firm in NYC (Bradley J. Rephen). The first law firm had been trying to collect the debt due, but a few months ago, they transferred the collection to the law firm in NYC. I have made arrangements to make payment with Rephen Law Firm, and I asked the representative of Rephen Law Firm to send an agreement that they will report my credit as "paid as agreed" (the representative on the phone promised me a good credit rating). The representative from the law firm never sent me a letter to that effect, and also, the collector called me one time and started yelling at me, demanding me to make the payment. I told him I wasn't going to pay until I received the agreement. He hung up on me while I was talking. Now, I got a judgement notice from Great Seneca Financial, representated by Wolpoff & Abramson.

I want to know if I should have sent the validation letter to Wolpoff & Abramson instead of Rephen Law firm, but since I was dealing with Repehn law firm at that time, I thought it was ok to send the validation letter to Rephen.

Please help me. Is there a way I could request for vacate notice? I am in Virginia. I also want to know if there is any procedure I need to follow when I file to vacate a notice.

HELP! :(

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Wait a minute! A judgement notice from the CA? I don't think so! You'd receive a judgement notice from your local court, ONLY, and that would more than likely be delivered to you by CRRR. Plus, you'd have the ability to answer first (summons). If you IGNORED a court date then a judgement would be ordered, by the COURT, not by these 2 jokers!

Send these 2 clowns a DV immediately. Send it CRRR, (Certified Return Receipt Requested). Keep records of everything you send or receive from them!

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