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Hello I just got a National City Visa with 9.6 apr the lowest they offer! I thought they would give me the highest. I also got 0 percent for 6 months which I plan on doing a balance transfer from another card with much much higher interest rate. This card I was just was a authorized user on. I had a Bankruptcy discharged in 2/97 1 collection agency for 12.00 and 1 paid as agreed on my credit report. Is this good enough to get a Amex blue card?

Also I heard about Discover and others raising the interest rate at the drop of a hat. Would I run into any trouble from National City doing this to me if I open another credit card?

Lastly does anybody know of any reputable credit card companies that offer a longer than 6 month 0 percent apr for balance transfers?


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Don't know of any off the top of my head - you migh try here to help with your search: http://www.cardratings.com/

Be sure to read the fine print. What you're looking for is a "universal default clause" - that's where they'll jack your rates based on your relationship with other creditors. In my opinion, if any issuer has that clause in their cardholder agreement - run. They're not doing you any favors. One erroneous collection on your report, and you'd be better off jabbing a fork in your eye when you consider what you'll have to go through to get your rates back down to where they should be.

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