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Reaging & Collections credit repair questions revisited

Steve R

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First my apologies for posting questions that seem redundant to other forum posts. However, I spent a couple of hours this morning going through all the forum posts which dealt with verification and aging and really could not come up with a clear cut answer to my situation. So I figured I would post some direct, and as precise as possible questions that I hope will not only help me but many others on this forum.

First I have multiple charge offs that are dated from late 1997 through mid 1998.

I live in Calif, where the SOL is four years.

I also understand that the Statue on the Credit Reporting is coming up and or is up right now.

Some of my charge of debts have been bought and sold so many times, the original creditor is not even being reported on the Credit Reports, only some past Collection Agency.

Here are my facts with a couple of questions that came up from my last credit reports.


I just got my new fresh credit reports and they are showing a new CA called Credit Solutions Corp. They are collecting on a First Card that had a Charge Off dating 8/1998. The report on, (for example Trans Union) reads as follows.

Date Updated 7/2005

Original Creditor: First Card

Date Placed In collection 4/2005

Scheduled removal 8/2006

This one had me puzzled because First Card charged this account off 8/1998.

a. Is this considered reaging the debt?

b. Who should I be sending letters too? Trans Union, Credit Solutions or both.

c. If I am sending a letter to Trans Union should it be verified or should it be to remove because of the age, of the original debt, combination of both, or other suggestions.

e. If I am sending a letter to Credit Solutions, what should be the body of the letter?

d. when everyone says verification, what is a good definitive sentence or paragraph to use?

Issue #2:

Capital One Bank is showing the following info.

Charged off as bad debt.

Date Open: 7/1994

Date Closed: 4/1999

Estimated Date of Removal 12/2005.

Date Updated: 7/2005

I understand the 180 day time frame from the date of last payment to the date the creditor has to report the charge off.

a. If I have proof that shows my last payment to be greater then 180 days of there charge off date, what type of letter do I send? In a nut shell there Date Closed, 4/1999 is wrong it should be this year around Dec. To whom do I send it, the Credit reporting agencies, creditor or both?

Regarding all the letters goind to Credit Collection agencies. Should I be sending these return reciept, certified? or other?

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