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TU didn't investigate disputes


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I got my 3 credit reports from myfico.com before I found this discussion board. I sent in disputes to all 3 bureaus. My credit reports are a mess! I filed bk in 2001. Many of those accounts still show a balance and appear to be reaged to be more recent than they really are. The accounts that were included in the bk with a balance, I sent a dispute letter identifying those (the letter that Suze Orman steps you through on myfico.com kit). I checked them off as included in bk and telling them that the balance should be zero. I did not send the letters CMRRR or included the bk papers. It has been almost 30 days and I still haven't gotten a response from EQ or EX. TU sent me a letter but it just lists the amount of time items are reported according to FCRA. Nothing about whether they investigated or fixed anything. Should I start over or send another letter asking why they haven't responded? I have since learned many tips from reading this board. If I start over perhaps I could employ some of the helpful tactics I have learned here. By the way, I have started the debt validation process on some CAs for medical collections that are on my report stemming from an ER visit. One is only $15 and another one only $36!! I had no idea I even owed anyone anything on those ER visits!

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