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Need some advice on this JDB

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I started a new thread on this because I could really use some help. This is my first response to a jdb and I have several on my CRs. I want to learn as much as I can.

I've read, and read through the archives trying to figure out how to approach this. It seems like a typical situation but, I'm not sure how to oppose it.

the situation:

JDB responded toDV with a printout of billing history from medical clinic. Bill shows AMOUNT OWED to OC ($85.07). Bill also shows the amount owed as "W/O PCS" with PCS being the CA. PCS purchased this debt for undisclosed amount. Medical bill shows $0 balance because debt was sold.

PCS records show that they were "REFERRED" $85.07. Then they've added interest for a little over a year to the current amount of $97.49.

PCS has a TL on EX that states that this is a collection account with an open STATUS.

My opposition:

I don't know the actual amount paid for the debt

The account should listed as closed

my question

Is this all I have? It doesn't seem like enough to get rid of them.

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Hate to see you just hangin there...not sure I have the right answer, but here's what I think...

You don't really have anything to force PCS to get off your reports. There validation is lame, but the billing history is probably enough. They really don't have to tell you what they paid for it...at least I don't think there's an actual law that says they do.

But...the only possible reason you would have for paying them anything is if they would delete from your CRs. If they won't PFD, then having a "paid collection" is almost as bad as an unpaid collection.

So...if you really need to clean this off your reports, then maybe a letter saying something like "...hey, I found you on my CRs...don't know if this is mine or not, but I'll give you $50 to delete it and go away...and this settles the debt in full and you will not sell the balance to anyone else and this matter is settled for ever and ever...sign and return a copy of this letter to me and I'll send a money order".

Might work...

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Thanks Willing. I thought that maybe I was missing something by the responses I'd received before.

This JDB is having the highest impact on my CR so, I will ask them to pfd. Even though sending a check with an agreement to delete didn't work for my last attempt (different debt), it is still my favorite method. I know that it must be difficult for a CA to not deposit a check they've received as payment on an old account. I'll give it a shot.

Best wishes.

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Ya know what really bugs me?

Suppose a friend of mine went into the medical clinic and paid the bill for me. Technically, I wouldn't owe the friend money but, I might be inclined to pay a *friend* back.

According to the medical records, some jdb came to the medical clinic and did me the favor of paying my bill. They got a deal on the bill and the clinic wrote the amount off on their taxes.

Now, the jdb wants me to return the favor but, has damaged my credit in the process and won't tell me how much they actually paid. They have nothing from me saying I owe them any money.

I know this is a simplistic view but, according to the medical billing history, my buddy PCS came into the clinic and did me the favor of paying my bill.

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