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I'm tired of Midland..Is it time to sue ? HELP !!


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I just think its time to sue Midland. They put 2 new Collections on my EQ CR. One for Fingerhut which was removed two months ago but the CA was Jefferson Capital at that time and then they put One Providian account as well. After I Dv'd them about a month ago stating that the Fingerhut and Providian accounts were not mine they sent me a letter saying they were just the server and the owner of the accounts. I then about two weeks ago sent them another letter stating that the accounts were showing up as installment accounts and not collection accounts and then I stated all the laws they had violated. Well They just added two Derogs to my EQ report. Also on the fingerhut account the balance due went from $207 to $407.Also on the fingerhut account under EX it states under type: "unknown-credit extension, review or collection," and under EQ it just states Derogatory. They don't even know what they type is ? I'm just tired of Midland and its time to sue. Where would I get started I have never sued before and is there another step I should take first. Thanks :)

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