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Collection Accounts

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Situation # 1

I looked at my credit reports today and noticed that there is an account that looks its a Verizon account because it starts with VERIZ-######. Its with a collection company that just reported it on my credit last month. I am using the validation letter provided because this account honestly is not mine!! I've never had a verizon anything in my life. I plan on purchasing a house in the next 3-4 years and want to get a head start on everything now! Since the account really isn's mine, do you think I will get a lot of flack from the collection agency?

Situation # 2

On my credit report there is a $175.00 bill from a hospital that I visited back in April. I never saw a doctor so I thought everything was cool. I wrote a letter to the collection company stating that I am willing to pay the amount as long as they are willing to have the entry DELETED (not updated) from my credit reports. Is this a smart move and what do you think my chances are with this?

Situation # 3

There is a $339.00 balance on an old account with Citibank that was sold to a collection agency. The balance was originally 1200.00 but I paid that down because they were having a deal. When I paid the amount agreed upon the balance of 339.00 still rolled over as unpaid. I called to find out why and they said it was because my check was received two days after the deal. I do not know the name of the collection agency but I wrote a letter to Citibank regading this matter. I told them that I would pay this balance as long as my account is either updated to paid in full or they reopen the account and give me the original credit limit agreed upon. I was able to swing this deal with another creditor I dealt with in the past! What are your thoughts on this situation?


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Hey, welcome aboard.

#1. NEVER talk with a collection agency (CA) on the phone. They lie just for practice and will bully you into something you don't need to do. Send them a debt validation (DV) letter certified mail, return receipt requested (CMRRR) telling them you found them on your credit reports (CRs) and you have no idea why. Tell them to either send you proof this debt is yours or get off your CRs or you'll see them in court. The only thing these guys understand is getting sued.

#2. Semi-smart. They may respond, but you really shouldn't deal with the CA. Call the original creditor (OC) and ask if they would recall the debt from the CA...you'll pay them in full.

#3. Sound doable. All depends on Citi's relationship with the CAs involved. Its possible that the original CA didn't even send any money to Citi. Wait and see.

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Thank you so much for your input! I am sending the letters on Friday and will contact the hospital regarding the 175.00 who is the orginator of that debt. I know they would be happy to put the money in their pocket instead of having the collection agency profiting.

As far as the first situation I am sending my own copy of the Debt Validation letter that is posted on this site.

Thanks again!

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