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Secured Card == Debit Card ?

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So I currently have a debit card with a mastercard logo from my credit union. Is this a "secured card"? If so, will this help me build credit? Because I've used it for a couple years and I don't think it's affected my Credit Score and it's not on my Credit Report.

If a debit card isn't the same as a secured card, what's the difference?

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Nope, it won't report on your credit.

A debit card works like if you were writing a check - it takes money directly from your bank and pays the person and that's the end of the transaction.

A secured card works like a normal credit card except that your deposit acts as the credit line (and, unlike your debit stuff, you can't remove that money from the account any other way - unless you close the account). When you make a charge with your secured card, the bank pays the store and then you pay back the bank (plus a fee).

Most secured cards work just like normal credit cards...you have a revolving line, even though your deposit is the line. So they report on your credit (most of them do, that is).

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