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TU wants me to verify address before they can investigate.

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I disputed two TL's with TU using their online form and filed it under the file number I got when they sent me a credit report. After about ten days into their 30 day period to investigate I get a letter from them asking me to send proof of current address and if I don't respond they can't complete the investigation for my disputes. Do I just sit on this letter and wait for the 30 days to be up. I think this might be a ploy to give them 15 extra days, what do you think? Should I ignor it and finish out the 30 days and then contact them and ask them whats up. And if they give me some B.S. about me not sending in proof of address I can send the a ITS letter and follow it up with small claims? I disputed the TL's the day I got my TU report in the mail. Why would they need another copy of my DL, SS card and Utility bill when they just got it a week and a half prior? I'm open to suggestions, thanks in advance :)

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