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Unfortunately, there are few quick-fixes for this. If the creditor agreed to a pay for delete, you would have to sue them for breach of contract. If you don't have it in writing, then it's harder because verbal contracts are difficult to enforce.

It may be better to give that tradeline a year to cool before trying to remove it again. Concentrate on other problems in the meantime. After about a year, the creditor may have archived or destroyed documents to back up the reporting claim and you'll have more of a chance on getting it removed.

A second idea is to wait for CHOD to come up. Chirstmas Holiday Onslaught of Disputes. CRAs have people going on holiday just like anyone else. Starting in mid-November the CRA staffing is lower and the holidays shorten the time CRAs have to complete investigations. The law says 30 days...doesn't matter if some are holidays...they get no extension unless you give them more info after the investigation starts and then only 15 more days. By spiking the CRAs with disputes during the CHOD period, many people get automatic deletes simply because the CRAs and the furnishers don't have anyone on staff to respond.

Keep in mind credit repair is a long, tedious process for most people. So the turtle wins the race most of the time.

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