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DV Letter


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If you sent it to the orginal creditor (OC), they're probably not going to do anything. Under the FDCPA, they don't have to...under the FACTA ammendments to the FCRA, they do...but there's not penalty if they don't...so the won't.

You use the DV process on collection agencies (CA). Those are the people bound by the FDCPA. If it was the CA, then their tradeline (TL) your credit reports (CRs) should be marked "in dispute" after 30 days, but they actually have as long as they like to validate. But, you can sometimes write the credit reporting agencies (CRAs) after 90 days or so and say "...its obvious these people can't validate the account and it should therefore be removed...". You may have to sue to get everything removed.

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