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NCO problem on my Credit report


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NCO has an old account on me that I agreed to pay monthly for (total 5000). This collections account has never before showed up on my Credit report.

Of course being stupid before, I have no documentation on this but they have been regularly deducting from my Checking account.

The problem now is that for some reason, they just now reported it to the CRA and is now showing up, lowering my score significantly.

What should I do now?

Is it too late for DV letter technique? Should I just stop paying these bastards every month since it's not going to matter on my credit score?

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They are reporting an unpaid collection account.

Can I still DV them even if it's far past 30 days and also I have been making some payments? Also, what exactly can they do if they have my checking account info? Is it bad enough to warrant me changing my account?

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First of all contact your bank and rescind any authorization for this deduction. I would personally change my banking account unless you want to run the risk of unauthorized charges getting by any safeguards the bank may implement. If you really like your bank, talk to them and open another account with different account number just to be on the safe side. I did this myself personally when my identity was stolen.

Yes, follow the advice of 47 and send DV to this CA via CMRRR. While it may not stop their collection activities since it is presumably past the 30 day initial contact (unless you are in Texas), they must still validate by legal standards to be able to collect on this debt. After you get the green card back, initiate dispute with CRA regarding this tradeline. They must validate or their verification of this TL with CRA is a violation of the FCRA. EVERY TIME they verify this TL with the CRA without proof of sending validation of this debt to you is a violation. First rule of this board is keep a good paper trail. Also 47 has very valid point regarding how TL is reported. Incorrect reporting is more violations of FCRA.

Just a personal note, you have been paying this CA and after who knows how many payments, they decide to report to the CRA's as an unpaid collection when they have never reported before. This is a perfect example of why you should NEVER deal with a CA. They are the bottom feeders of the world and will do nothing except mess with you until you stand up for yourself.

Follow the steps of these fantastic people on this board and this CA will tuck tail and run. Even if they don't, you will have the paper trail to recoup damages from them (usually more than original debt) as they treat everyone as if they are there only for thier own debasement value! :twisted:

Please check out the sticky under Debt Validation Q&A for step by step instructions for this process:


NCO and their collection activities are notorious on this board. Do a search for NCO and you will see their practices. Send your DV letter and watch them slink away. Want to see how they operate ... check out this link and see if the relevancy of this topic may affect you as well since you have been paying them:


Good Luck! It takes some time but it is worth it in the end.

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