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help asap need advice on inquiries and consolidation

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I have two major questions one is that I have a credit scrore with EQ of 634 and I have some credit card and student loan debts but not much all together it is only $2,600. I was thinking of allpying with patelco because I would like to consolidate this into one payment instead of a bunch. WHich would be better for me to do - apply for a debt consolidation loan or apply for a credit card and request a big enough credit line to have all my loans and balances transferred to a cc and have one payment like this. PLease help asap.

Next question where I have been applying for several cc and loans here lately trying to consolidate my debt myself I have 47 inquires on my credit report (not all are from this there are half that are from a year ago still on there) what is the most effective way to get the inquiries off my credit report because I did not know until I recently read that inquiries hurt your credit so is there any way I can help get some of these off.

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