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Who is trying to Collect?


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I just got another call from the CA representing Providian. They didn't say their actual name. When I asked, she said she was representing Providian.

She also said I had a balance of like $4000 but my limit was no more than $2000! She said the CO was like $2000 and she could offer me 60% settlement OR $75 a month, and seeing as I have no income, neither are acceptable for me right now. So she said I would receive a letter from their attorney. :roll:

But I still don't know WHO she was working for! How can I find out who has my Providian CO?

I want to send a DV but I don't know where to send it. I haven't gotten a collection letter from them in... years. It's getting close to SOL so they're acting out again. :x

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See the problem is, I don't even SEE providian on my CR.

There is one by PRESIDIO/CM which is roughly a similar amount of money. I'm not SURE this is Providian but it looks like it:

(Listed under Closed Accounts, Accounts Currently Past Due, and Negative Account History)

Account Status: CHARGE-OFF

Date Opened: 12/2000

Credit Limit: $1,501

Past Due: $2,223

Balance: $2,223

Date of Last Payment: 09/2002

Date Reported: 04/2005

So is Presidio the name of a CA? How do I find out?

Should I send them a pre-emptive DV? :p

Do I assume this is my old Providian account in a CA?

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So...if you've checked ALL 3 CREDIT REPORTS and Providian isn't listed on any of them, then there's a reall good chance the original Providain debt was sold to someone. If Providian isn't listed its also possible that this debt is beyond the SOL for your state...which makes it uncollectable. (Sort of...read up on SOL).

But at any rate...yes...I'd sugges you send Presido (whom I'm sure is a CA) a DV letter saying "...hey, I found you on my reports...prove to me I owe you money or begone or I'll see you in court..."

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Yeah it's not past SOL since my date of last payment was 2002. (5 years where I live)

I will DV it though, to see what's up. I think CM is probably "Credit Management" or something similar, probably a junk buyer.. I dunno.

But the woman was completely wrong when she said my total amount was $4k. I've never had anything that high for a bill!

Their caller id was just a bunch of 5's or something, it was really weird. I didn't give them any info at least.

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