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OC bought an account that was in collections


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How is this to be handled. Original OC Providian sold an account to CAP. This account would be considered a collection account because the account was delinquent. I made payment arrangements with a CA who now was collecting for CAP. I asked for validation/never knowing where my money went I stopped, never heard anything more of them. I disputed the collection account and they reported the now balance, that I calculate as correct,, now on TU it is reported as follows

Balance :229 Pay status Collection Account

Original Balance : 1224.00 Account type: Open account

Original creditor: 12 Providian

Balance 664.00 Pay status Charge off as Bad debt

High balance 1224.00 Account type: Revolving Credit Account

collateral: Providian Date opened: 07/2002

Past due 664.00 Date opened: 08/2002 (two dates opened?)

Now what is this?? This is being reported on TU. EX and EQ reporting as balance : 229. How do I go about disputing this

and this account was in 2000 with PROV.

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Then it is not an OC handling it now.

It doesn't matter who has current possession of it. The FDCPA is crystal clear on the matter. Anyone who buys a debt after it has gone delinquent is a debt collector. Period...No excuses. Treat them as a debt collector because the law does.

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