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EQ BK deleted!!!!


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I just called equifax to ask them if they validated BK information with the BK court. They said yes. Then I said, well I just faxed you documentation from the court which shows that they do not validate with Credit Reporting Agencies. (True that I do hold such a letter from the court)

I said, well if you say that you validate with the court and I have a letter here saying that is not possible then where are you getting my information from?

I also told them that the date of Bankruptcy validation on my EQ credit report is reported in UK format. (More proof that "substantiation" comes from Lexis Nexis) I was put on hold for an eternity.

She then changed her story to inform me that my Bankruptcy information came from my Creditors who all have a copy of my schedule F.

I said that is illegal and that they MUST validate directly with the BK court.

(not sure if I am correct)

She said ok, they will do that.


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I just called again and told them that they had 15 days to verify where they obtained my BK information from.

according to FCRA 611 (a)(7)

They said that they will be waiting for a subpeona. :lol:

Grant them their request. That phone monkey just put his employer in a position of WILLFUL violation. He flatly refused...so the penalties go up.

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EQ BK suddenly fell off of my report, :) just tried the same thing with EX who just told me over the phone that they are not required to substantiate proof that they have received information from me directly from the court....started blabbing some FTC statutes off to me.

I thought I lost the battle with EQ, but I am guessing that we will see.

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