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osi portfolio / heilig meyers


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okI need advice sorry for the spelling but Im in a hurry... I called osi today and asked the people there what was going on and they told me they were court appointed trusties for meyers and might I add on tape lol

after repeatedly asking them they finally told me they own the account and bought it from meyers right before bankruptcy . They are reporting it as a revolving account and open and when I asked the guy he tells me thats the way meyers gave it to them and they dont update it. so I asked the guy how can it be open when they are no longer in business and he tells me, because it was that way when they bought it. sooooo I said if you bought it then it has to be closed and you are reporting false information and he says what can i say thats the way it was sent to us. so I ask him why everytime I ask, you guys tell me your court appointed and you have heilig meyers master trust on my reports and he said thats the way they set up the account for payment and the fool that I first talked to told me thats who I had the loan thru. yet when I asked this guy why he told me that they are court appointed he says, I misunderstood your question lol I say 4 times? and everyone is telling me this lol. hes like what can I say. so question is is this legal that they are reporting as master trust when in fact I got him to admit they bought this account and to me it seems they are trying to get me to believe they are acting for the court ... any thoughts? OH YEAH I GOT ALL THIS ON TAPE

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