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If I had a SLEDGEHAMMER...ActionCard/BankFirst


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I recently sent two 6+ page nastygrams to BankFirst in regards to the duplicate credit card accounts that was reporting on my CR. I used strong language asking them to DELETE the 7 duplicate accounts that were reporting and I sent the letters CMRRR. I got the green card back on yesterday and I updated my CR's on true credit today.

Would you believe that they UPDATED my CR's to show CLOSED instead of deleting them??? I am sooooooooooooooo :evil: I could spit!

What part of DELETE don't they get?? Now I have to call them and go through this process again. :evil::evil::evil:

I have had so much trouble from this company over the past 5 years and I wish I could just close them all and move on but I am trying to buy a house in 3 months and can't...CRAP...CRAP...CRAP!!!

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