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i have a question regarding a credit practice. i signed up for a gold's gym membership in 11/04. The name of the company that handles their fees is ASF International. Originally i had my credit card set up to automatically be charged. this was fine i made the first paymentvia my credit card. after that i kept the balance high on this card and could no longer be charged. they sent me a paper statement each month. sometimes i paid it on time sometimes i didn't. On my paper statement i get, the bottom portion states make your check payable to "blah, bla, blah" and return this with this portion with your payemnt or pay online at "blah,blah,blah". underneath that it says All returned items will be charged $29.00 service fee. I have since quit gold's gym and have payed all the delinquent dues. Now i am being hit with $29.00 returned item fees. All payments sent in by mail were made with money orders. Is this company charging me returned item fees for the times my credit card did not go through? i am not sure where these returned item fees are coming from. If that is what they are doing is that illegal? i have not contacted them yet about it or asked them to clarify it. I want to be well informed before calling them and asking about them.

thank you for your time,

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