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Today I start my battle. I need to win the war!!!


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I have been reading this site for a few weeks and have become a believer that I can win the war. I have been using Centurion law firm to start, www.yourcreditattorney.com . They have had 2 deletions, but with this forums help they are about to be fired.

In 2002 I had a serous accident that resulted in me losing 60 % use of my left arm. I had a score in the high 600's. Its now in the mid 500's.

Due to surgery and rehab, I handed my 10 rental homes over to a property management co to handle all aspects for me including paying the mortgages. Yes! Bad mistake.

They came highly recommended. One of the owners got greedy, stole money and skipped town. They screwed up and are out of business and I am left with 18mths of 30,60 and even 90 day late.

I have sold 5 properties for very little profit so I could get them caught up and save the others. The balance are up to date and are showing 8 mths good pay history.(except 1 last month) I made payment by phone and was given a confirmation number. Customer service apparently took the information down incorrect and even though it was paid it was 30 days late. They gave some excuse about leaving me a voicemail somewhere.

According to Experian, I have 13 issues I need to get removed. Lucky 13 I hope.

7 are mortgage related. 2 are still active. I am planning to write to the mortgage companies telling them what happened and see if I can get some sympathy from them.

I will post my progress here.

I have an IRS tax liens from an old business that I owned and I am working with the IRS to get this sorted out. They appear to have made an error and we are working slowly to get it finalized.

I have an old charge off from my old business that was in the business name and they say I signed personal guarantees for it. I have sent a DV letter for this.

Ford credit is showing 1x 30 day late in the month of my accident. I have also sent in my sympathy letter to them.

Bank of America is another issue and I may do a separate post. They incorrectly placed me in foreclosure made me pay legal fees to reinstate the loan and after finding out it was their error won’t refund me for my legal fees.

I have 1x 30 on my Bank of America credit card. I called to verify this and was told that they have no record of this payment being late, yet they keep reporting this as correct.

I have a 1x30 to Home Depot and have asked them to provide proof of this also.

Experian is showing 10 good accounts. I have tried to get Equifax, they don’t have any records on me. Maybe that’s a good thing, or not??????. I should have my TransUnion report soon and will ask for help with that as well.

Any advice as where to start would be greatly appreciated. LETS GO TO BATTLE.

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Hi, glad to meet someone else who is here that is a victim of bad luck and circumstance. Our income got lowered by 75% in one year because of an investment fraud scam, and fraud by my husband's ex-wife. We are not "evil consumers" as someone here posted once, just because we are trying to repair our credit.

It sounds like you are on the right track and know what you are doing. Equifax probably lost your file temporarily. Did you change your name or anything like that? At least they seem easier to deal with than Experian.

Good luck - keep us posted.

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