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Off to a bad start with Patelco

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After reading the many raves about Patelco on this website, I decided to open an account with them and acquire their computer loan.

After approving me over the phone, they ask me to send some documents (pay stub, proof of residence, etc..), so I fax all the required documents to them. After a few days with no response or anything from them, I try to call them. After speaking with 3 different departments, I finally get to someone who can answer my questions on the membership/loan.

Turns out they needed me to re-fax them everything I previously sent them. This repeated itself 3 times before I was told they would be overnighting a check to me for the loan.

2 days later and still no check.

I don't know what the problem with their loan department is, but they are the most unorganized banking establishment I have ever done business with, not to mention the loan reps were abrupt and rude. I have remained calm and professional while on the phone with these people, but their attitudes and incompetence have pretty muched turned me off from doing business with them.

I think I am going to call them on Monday and cancel the loan and my membership with thier institution. Hopefully those of you who do business with them have a better experience than I have.

Wow, what a crappy first post, lol Sorry guys.

I should mention that thanks to this website and the wonderful information contained within, I have been able to get all three of my fico scores in the low 700's just 20 months post BK7. You guys kick a$$!

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