This Consumer Law Center is interested in my CA cases

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They are all the way across the country, but THEY called ME after I sent them an email. And then they sent me this:

Thank you for contacting Krohn & Moss, Ltd. regarding your credit report issues. In order to review your potential case, please send me any documentation you have to support your claims. Specifically, I would like to review the following:

Complete copies of your credit reports (including the section marked “Inquiries”). Copies of any dispute letters you have mailed to the credit reporting agencies regarding this matter. Please also send copies of any certified mail receipts that you have to show when the credit bureaus received your dispute.

3. Investigation Results from Transunion, Equifax or Experian, along with the complete copy of your credit report that was enclosed with your results.

4. Any other documents you feel are relevant to your case.

You may fax the requested materials to me at the number listed below. Once I have received your paperwork, I will be in a better position to advise you further. Thank you for allowing Krohn & Moss, Ltd the opportunity to review this issue for you.

Alyssa Blackwell

Attorney at Law

Krohn & Moss, Ltd

120 W. Madison Street

10th Floor

Chicago, IL. 60602

(312) 578-9428 x218 Voice

(866) 794-5741 Fax



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