AMERICAN AGENCIES Re-insertion/SOL question

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I have a reinsertion on TU for an American Agencies account (it says it's a Pacific Bell account). It was removed in May of 2004 but was reinserted in September. I sent TU a CMRR reinsertion letter, they got it on Friday.

The date of last activity is March of 2000, it's in California. With the SOL being 4 years for open-ended accounts, are they able to reinsert this legally? The SOL expired over a year ago now. I have not yet sent them a DV letter. I thought it was best to try to get TU to remove it due to reinsertion.

Any suggestions? This just screwed up the refinancing of my house. Also, here is how it's being reported:

Creditor Name: AMERICAN AGC

Account No.: XXXXXXXX

Original Creditor: 05 PB PACBELL

Responsibility: Individual

Condition: Derogatory

Original Balance: $303

Balance: $591

Date Opened: 10/17/2002

Date Reported: 09/01/2005


[TransUnion] Account information disputed by consumer, meets FCRA


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