I hate experian help needed!

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I know this is long I am sorry but.....

I recently sent a dispute to experian explaining that this debt belongs to a different person with the same name but different middle names. (found out once I researched) The other CRA removed item except Experian. I also called the CA and asked why did they verify wrong info and they stated they didnt they told CRA that it was a different person and the previous address was also different then my previous address.

The problem is I have several different names variations and address on file with experian. I previously disputed personal info online but they didnt respond.

Finally I called and spoke to CRA to dispute personal info with a rep and she said that she saw all of the incorrect personal data but she went to each line item and reseached if I had any accounts with that address. I indicated because the incorrect address is on my CR that is why the incorrect Collection item can be verified as mine and the address s/b removed.

Appreantly they are only matching address when you verify as not mine and if the CA or OC verify that the debt occurred at one of your old address then the items comes back verified.

So now what ? I still have a few address that she wont remove. Do I wait until this dispute is over and send a letter with a bill to remove my old address? Does anybody else have this problem with experian? I am also in the DV process will this hurt my chances for the 1-2 Punch


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Send a letter to the CA...geez how many times do we have to say do this in writing so you have proof....about the issue and get the CA's response in writing. Send the copy of the ltter to the CRA with an additional cover letter stating they have violated the FCRA # times for verifying the tradeline without actually investigating it since the CA claims they were never contacted. Tell them this is their final chance to correct their mistake before you have your lawyer sue their butts off (obviously say it nicer).

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