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Suggestions anyone?

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Here is the info from the TU report:


Balance: $1055

Date Updated: 12/04

High Balance: $1055

Past Due: 0

Pay Status: >Charged off as bad debt<

Account Type: Revolving

Responsibility: Individual

Date Opened: 12/95

Date Closed: 11/02

Estimated date item will be removed: 10/09

I have a letter dated 04/25/99 from Gottschalks that the account was closed as of then for nonpayment. My last payment to them was 12/23/99 and is reflected on their statement.

My question is on these when you request deletion from the CRA do you simply list the incorrect information in the letter (ie - account closed date and last payment, therefore account should be reporting as removal date of 12/06)?

Do I send proof with the letter that they closed account on 04/99 and the last statement showing my last payment?

If I send proof do you think that they will merely correct the information instead of delete it? Thats my fear...I want to try to get it deleted, not corrected.

I plan on using the sample letter provided on the website to request deletion for those reasons.

Thank you SOOO much :)

PS, here is the letter I am going to send:

TransUnion Consumer Relations

PO Box 2000

Chester, PA

To Whom it May Concern:

xxxx xxx


Address: xxxxxxx

DOB: xxx

I've just reviewed my credit report and have noticed there are several inaccurate items on my report:

Gottschalks Account: xxxx:

This account is listed as Date Closed of 11/2002 and Estimated date that this item will be removed as 10/2009. This information has been reported to you incorrectly, therefore I request deletion of this account from my TransUnion credit report. (Should I include here the correct date account closed 04/99 and date of my last payment 12/99?)

In addition, there are addresses that are invalid and obsolete. As you know, the FCRA states that all information older than 7 years should be removed from my report. The following addresses should be removed:



I have enclosed a copy of my driver's licence as proof of identity.



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First dispute as "NOT MINE". Let the CA verify that the account is yours. If you dispute that the info is wrong and tell them what the correct info is, you have just told them that it is yours. Like you said, you want to shoot for a deletion. If it comes back as "verified", shoot out another dispute stating that "several innacurracies exist with this account...please verify all information." And keep doing it until you get your deletion or TU tells you that your dispute is "frivilous". Then you can direct your attention to the CA. At the same time you send in your first dispute with TU, send out a Debt Validation to the CA. And keep sending them to pile up the violations. These will be on top of the "reaging" they are doing currently. After they ignore your DV, go to their AG and file a complaint for non-compliance. It is definitely past the statute of limitations so they cant hurt you other than by your CR. Tell them that you know this and that you are not scared of them. At last recourse, try to settle with them for a total deletion. Your leverage will be the violations that you have collected on them and the AG asking them questions. Otherwise it will be gone from your CR 12/06. These methods worked for me and I deleted 5 collections in 10 months. Good luck.

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