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Free Credit Report With No Obligation


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Hey everyone I found a website who gives you 1 free annual report. You just fill in your information and it gives you the option to choose which credit bureau you want your report from. Here's the website AnnualCreditReport.com

Let me know what you all think...............I got this as a promotion from my credit union.

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Just call the 1-800 number of each CRA.

Follow the prompts until it asks you if you have experienced a negative or adverse action and our credit report was used. Like a change in credit limit, blah...blah...

And then select YES...

And yes, you will have to lie.

And the worse thing that could happen to you is that a computer will tell you no.

Back in my single days, I had plenty of women tell me "no" so having a computer tell me "no" is a snap to deal with...

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I just went ahead and called all three 1-800 numbers.

I am getting a credit report directly from each CRA for absolutely free. I followed the prompts and selected the ones that said if I had experienced any adverse or negative action...

It only took a few minutes for each phone call.

The numbers are:

TU 800.888.4213

EX 866.200.6020

EQ 800.997.2493

And to continue to get more "free" credit reports, you have to dispute the items in there.

My credit report is spotless. There are not any negatives in there although I am just trying to clean up a few minor things like getting inquiries removed, a couple of Finance companies deleted, etc...

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