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BK removal- PENDING ??? 8 names listed on file


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Hello everyone...

After reviewing CR today, I just happened to look at "personal information" section....

Exp had EIGHT different names listed for my husband, and a completly different ssn... Of course I freaked... on the phone crying hysterically.

(almost if I had seen a my dog get ran over- it was pathetic)

Anyway...as Im telling the clerk about this I told her,we were at the end of "our time" for our BK to fall off. (20 mos -truthfully)

she took my email address and just got a notice that it is " pending" Don't know if it's a "good pending" or if they automatic response.

We filed because of an accident..blah,blah,blah.

Anyway, if anyone has any other suggestions on removing the bk

please, let me know.. I have seen LOTS of great stuff here. :shock:

***just went back in to CR- 6 of these names are GONE...so is the other

person's ssn***

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