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MOV on TU now they are telling me they have 45 days


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I asked TU to provided Method of Validation concerning my BK. As per the FCRA they have 15 days to respond.

I sent this to them via certified mail as I am tired of their crap.

They sent me back a letter indicating that they have received additional information from me and now have an additional 15 days to investigate.

My initial dispute which was placed around the same time and had nothing to do with MOV for BK, it was simply for some tradelines.

The letter is very generic and doesn't say what the additional information that I provided was for and doesn't mention my MOV letter.

What should I do?

I am ready to sue.


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I guess they just want to give you some money. File a claim. Tu won't get their act together unless they get sued by everyone they fail to follow the law with.

It's a simple complaint:

You disputed.

They had 30 days to respond.

30 days passed and they verified (I assume because of MOV request).

You requested MOV.

They had 15 days to respond.

Instead they send a letter claiming they have 45 days.

Clear violation.

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I also sent a MOV to TU and EX and it has been close to 40 days, they ignored me. How do I file a claim against them. Thats where I get lost everytime...They have just ignored my request for validation and MOV what exactly do I do, thanks Methuss.....

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I need to learn how to file a claim against them as well...could someone help?

I have experience doing many things PRO SE and this CAN'T be the most difficult!

I went to the lawyer portion of this forum and was told to get more on them before suing.

I disagree.

Can someone help?


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